About the Watershed

In an independent report, Seth Meldon highlights the extensive history of environmental injustice and racism in the Mystic Valley watershed and the location of the current Encore Casino. Titled “the Watershed,” his study explores the historic interaction between the natural ecosystem and the human social system within the Mystic River Watershed, “while referencing various related environmental justice related events, research, politics, and regulation in the United States more broadly.”


Preface: Welcome to the Watershed

Part 1: Marshland to Metropolis

Part 2: Activism and Epidemic

Part 3: Woburn

Part 4: Winchester

Part 5: Race as a Risk Factor

Part 6: The Sub-Basin

Part 7: Obliti Privatorum, Publica Curate

Part 8: Facta, non verba

About the Author

I write independently at my blog, Poor Fish, about topics including data privacy, clandestine operations by the United States, and media criticisms. My day job is as a solution specialist at a software company. All content in the Watershed and in Poor Fish reflect views of no person or entity other than my own.

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